Real estate has become an incredibly popular sector and attracts developers and investment due to the practical and lucrative nature. However, it is important to acknowledge that the sector is not without risks and challenges, particularly concerning the numerous legal implications associated with a project or property.

To help businesses and individual homeowners better understand the effect of Vietnamese legislation on their investment, Corporate Counsel’s team of real estate lawyers is readily available to provide their expertise. Specialised in commercial real estate transactions, our attorneys have experience representing developers, buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants. The properties we have dealt with include residential, commercial, and industrial. Our extensive involvement in a wide range of ventures has given us a deep understanding of the intricacies involved at every stage of the development process. This comprehensive experience empowers us to provide advice that is not only thorough but also highly effective.

Our lawyers understand that each real estate project is unique and approach each with meticulous attention to detail. We analyze the specific circumstances and devise a course of action tailored to the client’s needs. Combining analytical thinking and innovative approaches, we strive to provide our clients with solutions that optimize financial and legal efficiency. Our commitment is to deliver practical and customized strategies that yield the best outcomes for our clients.

Project Structuring Advice

Embarking on a real estate project can be exciting yet anxiety inducing. Experienced investors understand the value of dedicating additional attention and resources to the structuring process in order to mitigate potential complications in the later stages.

The real estate team at Corporate Counsels has a strong record of assisting investors in achieving favorable outcomes for their projects. During the planning phase, we thoroughly analyze the benefits of our clients’ chosen path while also exploring alternative structuring strategies that align with their specific business needs. By devising the most suitable structuring plan, we help ensure that the project remains within budget and is completed on schedule.

Our lawyers are able to assist at any stage of the process, understanding that each structure has unique financial, legal, and tax implications. With our broad experience, we can identify critical weaknesses in a plan and provide responsive solutions. Our extensive network within the industry allows us to offer valuable support whenever a change in direction is needed. Clients can rely on our team to provide professional and customized counsel that aligns with their specific circumstances and desired outcomes.

Real Estate, Property, Construction Advice & Licensing

In recent years, real estate laws have evolved quite rapidly to include environmental regulations, changing tax laws, building codes and zoning restrictions, and construction permits. We have worked with large and small property developers to counsel them on the legal implications of their projects and how to better shield them from exposures. We are also involved in the preparation and reviewing of applications to the competent State authorities during every stage of the venture. Our years of practice have trained us to engage in bureaucratic compliance at a superb speed without compromising meticulousness.

Aside from relevant governmental bodies, our networks likewise connect us to contractors and financiers who lend us crucial sector insight that add to the quality of our work. Able to localise the particulars of our client’s project in Vietnam’s law, we are quick to find tailored, value-focused, and commercially viable results, making us one of the most sought-after real estate law firms in the region.

Lease, EPC Contracts, Construction Contracts, Management Contracts

Regardless of the real estate situation you are involved in, Corporate Counsels offers comprehensive guidance through the intricate real estate market in Vietnam. Our services include assisting you in preparing and reviewing legally sound agreements, providing advice on transactional procedures, and guiding you through available insurance policies. We are here to support you every step of the way and ensure a smooth and informed real estate experience.

Our lawyers possess the professional sensibility to perform a careful assessment of every case then tailor the corresponding contractual terms. In doing so, we aim to avoid possible complications that can incur costs, cause delays, and lead to litigious conflicts.

When it comes to homeowners and construction cases, we recognize the significance of cost and time management in our clients’ decision-making process. Delays can lead to increased market prices or contractors withdrawing from projects. Therefore, our dedicated team of real estate attorneys is committed to working diligently to provide efficient and accurate advice and services. Our goal is to minimize the impact of market fluctuations before closing, ensuring our clients’ interests are protected and their objectives are achieved effectively.

Prudent, expeditious, and effective, Corporate Counsel’s reassuring professionalism serves to provide our clients with a clear and cost-effective navigation through the intricate legal procedures. Our objective is to assist our clients by ensuring a  secure and seamless real estate transactions as they invest in and establish their future homes.