A good corporate governance lawyer constitutes vital support to a business: having a professional detect and analyse legal risks potentially hidden within your operations, exit strategies, and organisational structure can help businesses avoid regulatory breaches and monetary penalties. At the very beginning phases, businesses should seek out an experienced team of corporate governance lawyers and employ their expertise to draw up an impervious corporate infrastructure, to reduce chances of future disputes and shortcomings.

As a company expands its reach and engages with various entities such as legislative authorities, shareholders, corporate managers, and members, the importance of mitigating legal oversights becomes increasingly critical. Compliance, efficient communication among stakeholders, and well-researched strategies for managing uncertainties are key factors that contribute to the long-term sustainability of a corporation. By prioritizing these aspects, companies can enhance their ability to navigate complex legal landscapes and ensure their enduring success.

Corporate Counsels corporate governance attorneys are seasoned legal counsels to large and small firms, established empires and nascent companies, multinationals and domestic startups. Alongside our legal and financial expertise, our sophisticated conduct demonstrates our ability to handle sensitive matters, resolve potential disputes, conduct thorough assessments, and deliver practical, cost-effective, and impactful outcomes. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach, ensuring that our clients receive the most favorable and far-reaching results.

Corporate Agreements

In order for corporate operations to function smoothly, all corporate transactions and relationships need to be expressly agreed on. It is imperative for all parties involved to engage in fair negotiations and concur on the final draft of the agreement, as its terms serve to govern relations between managers and members, suppliers and distributors, amongst businesses, shareholders, and other individuals with stakes in the company’s internal affairs. A thorough and transparent agreement not only streamlines organisational performance and areas of responsibility but also minimises risks and protects one’s interests in case of future disputes. Therefore, corporate agreements are of the greatest essence to a company’s vitality and should be tended to with care and adeptness.

How Corporate Counsel’s Corporate Governance Lawyers Can Help

Corporate Counsels combines extensive industry experience and technical knowledge, making us a trusted partner for all your contractual needs. We not only have a deep understanding of national regulations but also possess valuable insights into the cultural business dynamics of the region. This understanding enables us to establish strong professional relationships on behalf of our clients. As a corporate governance law firm, we have successfully supported numerous clients, including multinational corporations from various industries, in negotiating, drafting, and executing a wide range of agreements.

  • Joint venture agreement
  • Business cooperation agreement
  • Shareholder agreement
  • Terms & Conditions

In the event that mediation or litigation becomes necessary, our corporate governance lawyers are well-equipped to deploy their legal expertise and tact to efficiently resolve disputes. With a commitment to transparency and attention to detail, the team at Corporate Counsels is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to our clients throughout the complexities of corporate agreements. We strive to navigate the legal intricacies with diligence, ensuring our clients’ interests are safeguarded at every step of the process.

Corporate, Risk & Compliance Management

Legal risk management plays a crucial role in corporate decision-making by ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks, localizing accountability, and minimizing liability. It is essential for boards to make informed decisions that take into account legal considerations. The process of risk and compliance management aids enterprises in analyzing and identifying opaque risk factors, bringing clarity to potential risks, and designing and implementing control measures to manage and mitigate potential outcomes.

As a result, every enterprise requires a general counsel who approaches each element of legal risk management with professional scepticism and comprehensive understanding.

Corporate risks primarily come from contracts, statutory compliance, structural organisation, and litigation. In diagnosing and evaluating these potential and actual threats, the board of directors along with their legal professionals must determine the extent of these risks and assess the company’s budgetary constraints before formulating appropriate resolutions. For that reason, the entrusted legal advisor must possess exceptional legal and financial acumen.

How Corporate Counsel’s Corporate Governance Lawyers Can Help

The corporate governance lawyers at Corporate Counsels have undergone specialized training to identify organizational weaknesses and offer practical prevention strategies while ensuring adherence to governance and regulatory compliance procedures. Recognizing that each company faces unique challenges and circumstances, our corporate governance and compliance attorneys tailor our services to meet the specific needs of our clients. We conduct thorough forensic analysis and employ innovative problem-solving techniques. Our law firm leverages our experience and skills in corporate risk management to assist board directors of multinational and local enterprises in strengthening their responses to potential legal exposures within the company’s financial constraints.

Shareholder Rights & Minority Shareholder Rights

Our shareholder rights attorneys have been involved in and provided invaluable services as solicitors at various stages of incorporated companies. During the early stages, we actively participate in the creation of shareholder agreements, ensuring fairness and inclusivity while incorporating clear directions for dispute resolution. By establishing a solid foundation, both companies and individual shareholders can prevent potential conflicts and reduce litigation costs.

Drawing on our strengths in technical expertise and communication, we serve as trusted counsel to shareholders, offering guidance on their interests and potential courses of action to protect their stake. Our specialization lies in minority shareholder protection. We are dedicated to rectifying the oppression often experienced by parties with less than 51% ownership in privately held companies. Our corporate governance lawyers are committed to safeguarding your rights as outlined in the shareholders’ agreement.

In cases of corporate misconduct or violations of your contractual interests, Corporate Counsels is confident in our ability to serve as one of the most effective business litigators. We are passionate about legitimizing your entitlements and leverage expertise in order to conduct thorough investigations in support of your case. With a proven track record of success and a dependable, well-researched strategy, we are committed to winning lawsuits on your behalf.

Our unwavering dedication to providing efficient and personalized strategies positions us as a formidable shareholder rights attorneys in the country.

Corporate Secretary

Once thought of as a note-taker at board meetings, a corporate secretary in today’s context may encompass a wide scope of responsibilities, including corporate governance and compliance officer. As board directors are increasingly relying on corporate secretaries as advisors, the prerequisites for the position are becoming more stringent, demanding the professional to possess outstanding financial and legal expertise.

How Corporate Counsel’s Corporate Governance Lawyers Can Help

Attorneys at Corporate Counsels are well placed to serve as corporate secretaries due to our extensive knowledge of corporate and securities law, exceptional communication skills, intuition, and meticulous attention to detail. Our technical competence enables us to provide constructive counsel, while our interpersonal skills allows us to establish effective connections with directors, identify organizational shortcomings and potential risks, and support the board in maintaining smooth corporate operations.

Our attorneys are adept at mediating between corporate entities, organizing and conducting shareholders’ meetings, and providing critical legal advice to the board on corporate matters. We bring a wealth of experience in Vietnamese company law and cross-border business affairs allowing us to efficiently manage compliance work and assist companies in meeting regulatory requirements.

With a methodical approach and a willingness to innovate when necessary, Corporate Counsels possesses the essential skill set and qualities to serve as your trusted corporate secretary.

ESG Investing

As knowledge of climate change, human rights, and other topics of social activism become the forefront of the conversation, the demand for sustainable investment grows stronger and stronger amongst stakeholders. Thus, the 21st century has been seeing a robust global movement for businesses to add to their corporate objectives a new goal, to make a positive impact on the community and environment. Financial institutions are driven to develop and enrich their ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) Investment portfolio and offerings. Although ESG is a relatively novel matter in Vietnam, the drive for socially responsible corporate actions is dominating the global market at a faster rate than ever.

How Corporate Counsel’s Corporate Governance Lawyers Can Help

At Corporate Counsels, we recognize that ESG encompasses a wide range of issues related to the environment, community welfare, and corporate governance transparency. As your attorneys, our initial step is to thoroughly investigate your specific themes and intentions. This allows us to develop a highly valuable and tailored risk management program that aligns with your corporate profile.

Furthermore, our law firm offers corporate governance services to foreign companies seeking to enter the Vietnamese market. We ensure that your operations comply with the national ESG regulations in place. With our deep understanding of the financial industry and its emphasis on sustainability, combined with our expertise in Vietnamese law, we are the ideal partner for any firm seeking to fulfill their ESG commitments.

By leveraging our knowledge and fluency in Vietnamese law, we are well-equipped to assist you in navigating the complexities of ESG considerations. Whether you require assistance in developing ESG strategies, complying with regulations, or addressing specific legal challenges, we are dedicated to supporting your journey towards fulfilling your ESG goals and making a positive impact.

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