Obtaining the highest level of education in Vietnam is a top priority for families and deeply ingrained in the culture.  Coupled with a young population and the spectacular growth of the economy in recent decades, the education sector in Vietnam has been booming.  All levels of education, from pre-school to universities, have benefitted from this phenomenon and overseas businesses and educational institutions have rushed to take advantage of the deep pool of potential intellectual talent the nation has to offer.  All programs are coveted by potential candidates, including English language studies, medical, business, engineering, accounting, education and law just to name a few.  Slots for standardized tests, such as TOEFL and IELTS are fully booked as candidates seek to find a place in the growing global market.  The recent worldwide epidemic of Covid-19 has temporarily had a significant impact on the industry.  However, the long-term development of the education sector in Vietnam is assured due to its strong underlying factors.

In conjunction with this exponential growth, the laws of Vietnam have been evolving to match the domestic and international demand.  One noticeable result is the plethora of new laws and directives from the central and local governments on a yearly, or even monthly, basis.  Educational institutions in Vietnam, especially those originating from overseas, need to be aware of these changes as well as the unique regulatory system of the country.  As such, it is essential that any business in the education sector retain a competent attorney to navigate the myriad of laws and regulations and avoid potential pitfalls.


Corporate Counsels is one of the few law firms in Vietnam that have years of deep knowledge and experience in the laws pertaining to the education field.  Some of our attorneys are former school managers and educators and have a unique understanding of what it takes to keep a school or university running.  In addition, the Firm has extensive expertise in the related fields of financing and investment, corporate structure and governance, technology, real estate, employment, tax and insurance that are critical to the success of any educational institution. Our clients include universities, private schools, charter schools, investors, corporations and NGOs.


  • Advice on Credentialing and Licensing of Educational Institutions;
  • Customer and Supplier Contracts;
  • Educational Institution Business Formation and Governance;
  • Education Exchange and Partnership Agreements;
  • Employment and Labor;
  • Finance and Investment;
  • Intellectual Property and Copyrights;
  • Marketing and Sales Law;
  • Operating Policies, Procedures, and Manuals;
  • Real Estate and Leasing;
  • Regulatory Compliance with Education Laws and Directives;
  • Tax and Accounting;