Over the last two decades, the Aviation industry has expanded exponentially in the Asia-Pacific Region and across the World.  Fuelled by a growing economic outlook in countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia, the impact of increased domestic and international air travel has stimulated all sectors of economy including tourism and hospitality, business and commerce, construction and manufacturing.

Due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak in 2020, the Aviation industry has seen substantial setbacks across the board, especially in tourism and business travel.  This has created new challenges for insurers, airlines, aircraft operators, freight forwarders, airport operators, governments, and regulators, and banking and finance, among others.  To some entities, this means facing liquidation or a significant restructuring of operations.  To others, such as cargo importers and exporters, new opportunities have arisen to expand their production and services.

The Aviation attorneys at Corporate Counsels have been an important player in these developments in Vietnam and across the South East Asia region.  Through our wealth of experience in the industry and a wide array of practice areas, we have provided cross-disciplinary legal advice, representation, and solutions to airlines, airports and shipping companies to realize their business goals.


Corporate Counsels’ Aviation Lawyers are skilled in advising and handling a wide range of issues and provide up-to-date and practical service to a number of stakeholders in the industry. These include international and domestic airlines, airports, aviation service providers, manufacturers, insurers, leasing companies, banks, and travel agencies.  Our team members have worked as in-house counsel and also in a regulatory capacity which provides us with a unique insight into the day-to-day issues as well as the longer term concerns and objectives of our clients.

As an international law firm, we possess unsurpassed cross-border knowledge and are able to advise and protect our clients across Asia and the World.  With over a decade of expertise, Corporate Counsels is able to provide critical strategic advice to clients including domestic and international commercial matters, tax and accounting structures, employment, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and anticipating and preventing product liability claims and other regulatory actions. In addition, we pride ourselves in listening to our clients and working with them to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.


Corporate Counsels provides a number of top-level advisory services related to our Aviation Industry clients including:

  • Air Carrier Licensing;
  • Air Transport and Airport Regulations;
  • Aircraft and Equipment Procurement, Leasing, Financing, Exchange and Sales Agreements;
  • Aircraft Operation, Management, and Maintenance Agreements;
  • Air Crew Licensing and Ratings;
  • Aviation Insurance Policies and Advising on Coverage in Specific Commercial Arrangements;
  • Finance and Securitization;
  • Code Sharing Agreements;
  • Competition Law;
  • Consignment Arrangements, Teardown and Part-out Agreements
  • Corporate Finance and Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • Corporate Governance and Structure;
  • Bankruptcy and Restructuring;
  • Commercial Agreements;
  • Construction;
  • Employment Regulations and Labor Matters;
  • Franchising Law;
  • General Corporate Law, including Collaboration and Joint Venture Arrangements
  • Governmental Aid;
  • Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • Tax and Accounting Structure;
  • Travel Tour Operator Licensing and Package Vacation Regulations.