With Vietnam emerging as an increasingly appealing economic hub for international stakeholders, the influx of foreign investment is further invigorating domestic commercial activities. With an aim to empower investors to enrich and capitalize on the emerging economy, Corporate Counsels dedicates a substantial portion of our resources to provide foreign loan law services and help foreign entities wanting to move capital into the domestic market. In doing so, we aspire to protect our clients’ interests whilst contributing to the growth of globalisation in Vietnam.

Foreign investment laws in Vietnam are designed to be welcoming to foreign entities. With the exception of eight sectors, foreign investors are generally eligible to enter most legitimate business fields with the appropriate licenses. They must also comply with national regulations regarding the ownership percentage threshold, the form of investment, scope of business activities, and other conditions involving national security and social safety.

The experienced foreign loan lawyers at Corporate Counsels possess extensive expertise in foreign investment laws and procedures. Having handled a number of significant foreign investment projects, our firm has built a strong reputation. Clients appreciate our diligent work ethic and our sophisticated counsel. Our consistently high success rate solidifies our position as a leading foreign investment law firm in Vietnam.

Structuring & Restructuring Advice from Corporate Counsels’ Foreign Investment Lawyers

Innovation is crucial for success. Established businesses often require transformation to strengthen their market position, while emerging enterprises should start with a solid foundation for smooth growth. In the realm of business survival, effective structuring and restructuring are essential.

Business structuring is of great importance and requires careful consideration. Both corporates and SMEs need to examine various aspects of their enterprises, such as legal, financial, and operational components, in order to create a cohesive and well-defined framework. This process involves assessing and adjusting the overall structure to ensure optimal performance and success in the business. Think of it as creating a solid foundation or blueprint for the organization’s operations and growth.

Foreign investment lawyers at Corporate Counsels have a unique experience in this field, as they have received specialized training to become legal and financial experts. Our collective experience advising large and small firms on structuring and restructuring only serves to complement our in-depth technical knowledge on Vietnam’s national regulations, making us one of the most reliable legal counsels in this area. Capable of working on a wide range of corporate structuring and restructuring undertakings in various industries, the team of foreign investment lawyers at Corporate Counsels has been known to tailor their advice to clients’ specific goals, no matter how challenging.

How Can Corporate Counsels Lawyers Help With Investment Licensing

Foreign investment in Vietnam is generally welcomed by the Vietnamese government and businesses alike, as more capital should lead to more opportunities and growth. To facilitate the licensing process for foreigners, Corporate Counsels encourages aspiring non-native investors to discuss with us your investment projects and let us assist you with any procedural needs.

Corporate Counsels has extensive experience in assisting foreign investors with the preparation of legal documentation for international capital movements into entities operating within the Vietnamese jurisdiction. Our team of foreign investment lawyers possesses a deep understanding of the conditions, exceptions, and requirements outlined by both national foreign investment laws and multinational treaties. With our professional expertise, we swiftly identify our clients’ intentions and align them with tailored, cost-effective legal solutions. We diligently follow through with any additional requirements mandated by the relevant authorities. Throughout the process, we prioritize clear and consistent communication to effectively address our clients’ evolving needs.

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