As Vietnam is becoming an increasingly attractive economic hub for international players, the inflow of foreign investment is further animating in-state commercial activities. With an aim to empower investors to enrich and capitalize on the emerging economy, Corporate Counsels law firm dedicates a substantial portion of our resources to provide foreign loan law services and help foreign entities wanting to move capital into the domestic market. In doing so, we aspire to protect our clients’ interests whilst contributing to the growth of globalisation in Vietnam.

Foreign investment laws in Vietnam are designed to be immensely welcoming to foreign entities. With the exception of eight sectors, foreign investors are generally eligible to enter most legitimate business fields with the appropriate licenses. They must also comply with national regulations regarding the ownership percentage threshold, the form of investment, scope of business activities, and other conditions involving national security and social safety.

The seasoned foreign loan lawyers at Corporate Counsels are masters at foreign investment laws and procedures, as our firm has been entrusted with several significant foreign investment projects. Our clients enjoy our lawyers’ fastidious work ethos and sophisticated counsel, which serve to alleviate much stress from their shoulders. Our continuously high success rate further affirms our position as one of the leading foreign investment law firms in Vietnam.

Structuring & Restructuring Advice from Corporate Counsels’Foreign Investment Lawyers

Innovation is the key to success. Every established business eventually finds themselves in need of a transformation to solidify or reinstate their position in the market. On the other hand, nascent enterprises should launch from an optimal foundation to ensure smooth sailing. When it comes to business survival, structuring and restructuring are essential.

Because of its ample importance, business structuring requires the greatest degree of scrutiny. Corporates and SMEs alike must consider a large picture comprising their legal, financial, operational, and other parts of their enterprises, and redraw it.

Foreign investment lawyers at Corporate Counsels have a unique experience in this field, as they have received specialized training to become legal and financial experts. Our collective experience advising large and small firms on structuring and restructuring only serves to complement our in-depth technical knowledge on Vietnam’s national regulations, making us one of the most reliable legal counsels in this area. Capable of working on a wide range of corporate structuring and restructuring undertakings in various industries, the team of foreign investment lawyers at Corporate Counsels has been known to tailor their advice to clients’ specific goals, no matter how challenging, and be efficient with paperwork and any legal considerations.

How Can Corporate Counsels Lawyers Help With Investment Licensing

Foreign investment in Vietnam is generally welcomed by the Vietnamese government and businesses alike, as more capital should lead to more opportunities and growth. To facilitate the licensing process for foreigners, Corporate Counsels encourages aspiring non-native investors to discuss with us your investment projects and let us assist you with any procedural needs.

Corporate Counsels – Top foreign investment law firm has had ample opportunities to help foreign investors prepare legal documentation regarding international capital movements into entities under Vietnamese jurisdiction. Our foreign investment lawyers are well-versed in the conditions, exceptions, and requirements stipulated by the national foreign investment laws and multinational treaties. Our professional maturity enables us to quickly identify our clients’ intention, match it to bespoke legal, cost-effective solutions, and diligently follow through with any subordinate requirements by the authority. Throughout the process, we maintain clarity and consistency in communication to best tend to each of our clients’ growing demands. Contact our law firm today for more information on foreign investment.