An antitrust act, or competition law, is a statute designed to restrict market dominance and regulate business practices. In Vietnam, the law extends to all local and foreign entities with possible impacts on domestic market competition.

As a local law firm, Corporate Counsels has the advantage of an in-depth comprehension of the local anticompetition authority. That, coupled with our understanding of antitrust and competition policies, positions us to be the leading lawyers to navigate the investigation and approval process. Our antitrust and competition team comprises seasoned lawyers whose astuteness and efficiency will deliver the smartest solution. We do not shy away from a case with challenging circumstances, which is why our clients have come to place their trust in us when stakes are the highest.

We have witnessed companies undergo stress and have their time and effort drained by the government investigation process. For that reason, Corporate Counsels would like to use our expertise to elevate the burden from our clients, help them redirect their resources to their specialty, and defend their legal interests.

Antitrust & Competition Law Advice

Our team of skilled lawyers, along with our extensive experience working with enforcement authorities in Vietnam, has positioned Corporate Counsels as a leading advisor in Antitrust & Competition Law. Through frequent negotiations concerning antitrust compliance, we have gained valuable insights into the mechanisms of the regulations, fostering our credibility as legal practitioners and representatives. As a result, our antitrust lawyers possess the necessary expertise to analyze specific situations, customize solutions to prevent or suspend government investigations and assist clients in obtaining immunity in anticompetition cases.

Merger filings

Drawing on our robust connections with anticompetition officials, our lawyers have achieved remarkable success in securing antitrust exemptions and merger clearances for numerous mergers in Vietnam. Throughout the process, we prioritize upholding the integrity and structure of the transaction as envisioned by our clients. Our extensive industry experience enables us to deftly navigate conflicts and implement necessary corrective measures to obtain approval from the relevant state agencies.

Very rarely do our clients’ merger ventures have to be brought to court, which further testifies to our capability. Our legal services include consultation on the national antitrust law and the structure of the deal, drafting of documentation and presentations, responding with remedies during the investigation process, and litigating an antitrust challenge if necessary.