Globalisation is synonymous with vibrant economic activity, of which trade and commerce are a part. Whilst current trends of growth in commercial supply and demand volumes within the domestic market of Vietnam are attracting entrepreneurial activity, it is also necessitating strict government regulations to protect consumers and penalise acts of corruption. Understanding that the intricate network of commercial laws might act as an entry barrier to some, Corporate Counsels can be of great assistance to foreign and local merchants alike.

Well-versed in the national legal code and similarly in commerce, our team of experts are specialists in a variety of practice areas. Corporate Counsels is adept at heavy bureaucratic compliance related work, experts at the negotiating table and our relations with financial and commercial specialists also enhance our services. Having involvement in domestic, cross-border projects and business-to-business disputes, Corporate Counsels stands as one of the leading commercial law firms, serving companies of any size, whether local or international.

Trading, Commerce Advice & Licensing

Vietnam’s rapid development as a country has led to a significant growth in commercial activities, attracting both international and domestic merchants to the market. However, establishing a business in Trade & Commerce and registering a company can be challenging due to the extensive provisions in the national law on commerce. These provisions cover employee roles, types of goods and services, vertical and horizontal relationships, logistics, and more, each requiring specific bureaucratic procedures to navigate.

Corporate Counsels Lawyers are dedicated to providing legal expertise to businesses of all sizes, assisting them in establishing a solid foundation from the outset. Recognizing that trade is a fundamental aspect of every firm, we can serve as your trusted counsel to safeguard your interests when it comes to selling, distributing, or procuring goods and services. Furthermore, our industry knowledge allows us to keep you informed about impending legislative modifications. By preparing early for these changes, you can save valuable time and resources.

In addition to our comprehensive range of services, we also offer licensing assistance. Our team of lawyers will support you throughout the business registration process, as well as during your operations, by providing guidance and assistance with licensing applications, review hearings, and closure orders. At Corporate Counsel, our institutional principle is to provide advice that is easy to understand, practical, and cost-effective, with the aim of effectively helping you achieve your business goals.


Commercial Agreements

In the course of a company’s day-to-day operations, engaging in trade with third parties is common practice. Whether it involves goods or services, conducting these exchanges through written agreements is crucial for ensuring transparency and minimizing potential disputes in the future. Therefore, whether you are an established enterprise or a local start-up, having a comprehensive and well-drafted agreement is essential for the success of your business. By engaging a lawyer with experience and strong negotiating skills, you can have an informed ally to help you achieve the desired outcomes for your business transactions.

We have successfully assisted numerous businesses in preparing and negotiating contractual terms, allowing them to carefully balance rights, obligations, risks, and rewards. Our aim is to help clients avoid potential pitfalls and create agreements that align with their specific vision and goals. We ensure the legal validity of the agreements within the Vietnamese jurisdiction. Additionally, we have provided valuable advisory services for cross-border commercial projects, demonstrating our commitment to supporting ambitious firms venturing into new markets and pioneering innovative initiatives.

We foster strong relationships with clients across diverse fields. We prioritize building rapport with our clients and are deeply invested in their ongoing success. It is this commitment that has established us as one of the leading commercial law firms in Vietnam.

Supply Chain, Distribution Contracting & Compliance

Compliance is crucial in commercial business operations. Staying updated with regulatory requirements is essential to avoid bureaucratic errors that can cause operational delays and impact profitability. Particularly within the supply and distribution chain, disruptions can disappoint shareholders in larger establishments and threaten the survival of small firms. Therefore, maintaining compliance is vital within a trade and commerce environment.

Supply chain compliance is a complex area encompassing various aspects such as environmental protection, workers’ rights, product quality assurance, logistics, cash flow transparency, and more. While businesses operating solely within the domestic market primarily need to adhere to in-country regulations, multinational suppliers and distributors face additional challenges due to cross-border requirements and more stringent rules. Meeting these compliance obligations across borders requires careful attention and a thorough understanding of the regulatory landscape.

At Corporate Counsel, our commercial lawyers are known for their meticulous execution and personalized approach. We have served as trusted advisors to manufacturers across diverse industries including technology, food and beverage, and automobile, offering guidance on compliance management. In addition to providing advice, we assist in the implementation of policies, agreements, procedures, and training, ensuring that compliance is integrated into every phase of the supply and distribution chain. Leveraging our extensive experience, we excel not only in handling paperwork efficiently but also in anticipating emerging regulations. As a result, our clients benefit from minimal disruptions to their operations and can have a positive influence on profits.