Globalisation comes with flourishing economic activities, of which trade and commerce are a part. Whilst current trends of growth in commercial supply and demand volumes within the domestic market of Vietnam is greatly attracting entrepreneurial endeavours, they are also necessitating strict government regulations to protect consumers and penalise acts of corruption. Understanding that the intricate network of commercial laws might act as an entry barrier to some, Corporate Counsel would like to be of service to foreigner and local merchants alike.

Well-versed in the national legal code and familiar with commerce, our team of experts are specialised in a spectrum of practice areas. From licensing to agreements to compliance, we tackle each domain using different legal disciplines. As our experience certainly prove beneficial when it comes to bureaucratic compliance work, our creativity comes in handy on the negotiating table, and our relations with financial and commercial specialists also help refine our deliverables, cater them exactly to our client’s coveted results. Having taken part in myriad domestic and a few cross-border projects and business-to-business disputes, Corporate Counsel is one of the leading commercial law firms for large and small companies, international conglomerates and local businesses, any entity seeking a legally optimised solution to their business conundrum.

Trading, Commerce Advice & Licensing

A rapidly developing country, Vietnam’s commercial activities are growing at an impressive rate, thus attracting a substantial number of international and domestic merchants into the market. The exciting annual volume of import and export activities further attest to the region’s potential. However, establishing your business in Trade & Commerce and registering your company can be tricky when the national law on commerce includes stipulations on employee role specifications, types of goods and services, vertical and horizontal relationships, logistics, and more. Each module requires its own bureaucratic procedures.

To help businesses steady their footing from the very beginning, Corporate Counsel lawyers are offering our legal expertise to large and small companies alike. Since trade is at the crux of every firm, as your counsel, we can help protect your interests as you are planning on selling, distributing, or buying goods and services. Moreover, our industry astuteness can forewarn you of upcoming legislative modifications; early preparations in anticipation of these changes will enable you to save time and money.

Our services also offer licensing assistance. For the duration of your business registration process and during your operations, our lawyers will accompany you through licensing applications, review hearings, and closure orders. Our institutional principle is to deliver advice that is digestible, realistic, and affordable, as to most effectively aid your business goals.

Commercial Agreements

A company’s day-to-day operations more often than not involve trades with a third party. Whether of goods or services, the exchange needs to be made in writing to ensure transparency, which serves to diminish contention in the future. Henceforth, whether you are an established enterprise or a local startup, a comprehensive, well-drafted agreement is a foundation on which the success of your business depends. A lawyer with experience and powerful negotiating powers is the perfect accessory to achieve your desired outcome.

At Corporate Counsel, our commercial law attorneys are known to rely on our legal background and consult business experts to give our clients high-quality advice. We have helped businesses prepare and confer contractual terms, to weigh rights and obligations, minimise risks and maximise rewards, and avoid critical pitfalls. In order to do so, our team first studies your particular vision and goals to best reflect your relationship with your clients and suppliers in writing and whilst guaranteeing the legal validity of your agreement under the Vietnamese jurisdiction. We have also been advisors to cross-border commercial projects, further showcasing our support to venturesome firms that dare to expand to a new market and pioneer innovations.

Our professional ethos has resulted in many robust relationships with clients from a broad range of fields. We value our rapport with our clients as well as their long-term success, rendering us one of the top commercial law firms in Vietnam.

Supply Chain, Distribution Contracting & Compliance

Running a commercial business requires constant attention to changes in regulatory requirements, as a bureaucratic blunder could cause delays in your operations and negatively impact your profitability. More specifically, suspensions within the supply and distribution chain could disappoint shareholders for large establishments and threaten small firms’ surviving chances. Compliance is key in maintaining a well-oiled machine of trade and commerce.

Supply chain compliance is especially tricky because it covers a wide range of spectrum: environmental protection, workers’ rights, product quality assurance, logistics, cash flow transparency, and more. Whilst businesses staying within the domestic market focus solely on in-country regulations, multinational suppliers and distributors are subject to cross-border requirements, thus exposed to more stringent rules.

Thorough in execution and personalised in approach, Corporate Counsel commercial lawyers have acted as advisors to manufacturers of various industries (technology, food and beverage, automobile, etc.) on compliance management. We also assist in implementing policies, agreements, procedures, and training, to further cement compliance into every phase of the supply and distribution chain. Our illustrious experience in the field has given us not only the expert skill at paperwork, but also the foresight to detect emerging regulations. Thus our clients often benefit from the least disruption to their operations and maximised profits.