Integrity is the foundational basis of Corporate Counsels’ professional conduct as well as the practice of our lawyers. It dictates our motivations, shapes our actions, and constitutes our reputation. Our roots in an honourable character allow us to stay grounded in legitimacy, professionalism, and effectiveness.

Business ethics guides legal solutions

We never resort to trickery when helping clients navigate legal challenges. Each of our legal advice and solution finds its basis in the code of ethics we uphold as legal practitioners and as businesspeople. With an emphasis on moral discipline, impartiality, and accountability, we trust that our ethical code will bring about the most stable and sustainable solutions to our clients.


Clients come to us because they find our culture of integrity compatible and our legal expertise reliable. Our anti-bribery policy lies at the heart of all our operations and activities. By opting to commit to a corruption-free code, we are able to not only protect our employees and our firm from penalties and reputational damages but also inspire confidence in legitimacy and empowering change. Accompanying our zero tolerance for bribery, our competence ensures that Corporate Counsels attorneys possess the right skills and mindset to fully comply with our clients’ corporate culture and the law whilst maximising our chance of winning.

Walk the talk

We are equally committed to our code of ethics and our clients. Rather than empty promises, we exercise transparency all in our correspondence and exchanges to our prospective as well as current clients. In other words, we do not advise or bind our clients to unrealistic solutions. On the contrary, Corporate Counsels attorneys are trained to provide in-depth, proper, lawful and confident analyses, to enable our clients to make informed decisions that coincide to their corporate culture and/or individual values.


Any well-trained lawyers are capable of providing consultations, but only a few are equipped with a comprehensive and critical judgement to deliver counsels that meet business goals whilst ensuring legal compliance. Our result-oriented approach is charged by our work ethics: defined by our work ethics and professional philosophy focused on diligence and innovation, you will find Corporate Counsels attorneys highly determined, supportive, and insightful.

Meeting client’s expectation

Clients entrust us with their legal matters because we offer reliable, valuable, and effective legal opinions and analyses. As seasoned attorneys, we make sure to listen to and prioritise our client’s concerns. Our flexibility and sensibility allow us to put ourselves in their shoes, to understand their needs and desires, to deliver suitable and highly efficient legal solutions. Head and shoulders above the rest, Corporate Counsels attorneys go the extra mile every time to exceed expectations: beyond achieving the client’s goals, we take time to tackle the matter from multiple angles, to suggest the most optimised resolutions, ones that are not necessarily obvious at first glance. Dedicated and trustworthy, our legal services guarantee compliance, honesty, and a high degree of success.

Courage, Creativity, Discipline, Perseverance

Success requires courage, creativity, good discipline, and high perseverance. As one of the most established boutique law firms in Vietnam, Corporate Counsels embraces innovation. Our attorneys are encouraged to have the courage to think differently, to pursue boldness, and to improve themselves daily. Savvy to the changes that are happening to the industry, we are capable of pinpointing market transformations and evolutions. Doing so empowers us to persevere with every challenge and help our client reach the most favourable outcome. Never straying from our commitment to novelty to move our practice forward wherever appropriate, Corporate Counsels attorneys uphold this discipline throughout their career at the firm.

Never stop learning

Aside from legal comprehension, we never cease to update our understanding on adjacent industries to best assist our clients. Relying on both our knowledge of the law and of our clients’ business mechanisms and cultures, professional limitations and risks, Corporate Counsels attorneys are poised to deliver the most sensible analyses and solutions to our clients. Fueled by grit and a devotion to information, we are not only warranting the most effective service but also giving our attorneys the confidence and power to grow, to make a difference to the firm, the clients, and the industry as a whole.


With illustrious experience as well as familiarity with the business market in Vietnam, the lawyers at Corporate Counsels are equipped to assist businesses with all their legal needs. Whether a multinational or a local company, our clients come to us with a broad range of enquiries regarding government regulations, business growth and restructure commercial licensing, and corporate governance. Our client roster features firms specialising in, among others, finance, e-commerce, insurance, energy, technology, and logistics.

Client-driven Law Firm

As a client-driven mindset, Corporate Counsels makes sure to learn your unique circumstances in order to best tailor our advice to your needs and anticipations. We support entrepreneurial innovation and welcome industry disruptions, hence our utmost effort in helping enterprises overcome barriers and optimise opportunities. Forward thinking, highly capable, and incredibly diligent, Corporate Counsels is delighted to be your legal advisor and accompany you as you make your impact on the local and global economy.