Finance constitutes a vital part of all businesses: large and small companies alike rely on banking and financial institutions to operate. When taking out a loan or participating in financial deals as lenders, businesses often struggle with the intricate network of regulations at national and international levels. Moreover, the ever-growing array of financial products and services (ranging from diverse loan options to financial technology solutions) requires thorough research and additional compliance, which further burns into businesses’ resources and interferes with their principal line of work.

Corporate Counsels’ banking and finance lawyers have had the pleasure to assist businesses with all legal aspects of corporate finance: transactions, liability insurance, regulation compliance, and research into fast-growing banking and financial practices. Each of the international finance lawyers at our law firm is highly specialised and hence experienced with the documentation associated with a particular class of financing under the Vietnamese jurisdiction. Be it securitisation, foreign loan registration, or investment options, our lawyers are prepared to review and manage transactions of any size, in a fast-paced and intense banking and finance industry.

Get Sound Banking and Finance Advice from Corporate Counsels’ Lawyers

Banking and financial issues are universal. Whilst individuals might be misinformed by financial institutions and have their funds compromised, businesses might run into troubles arranging securities for investment funds. On the other hand, banks can find difficult the legality of cross-border syndicated loan deals. Banking and finance law firms can help understand the complex issues revolving around finance-related laws. Corporate Counsels’ international banking and finance lawyers are pleased to offer our services and help borrowers and lenders explore their legal options.

Our clients include banks as well as domestic and international companies. Our strength is hinged on our cumulative years of familiarity with the Vietnamese legal system and our firm’s experience dealing with cross-border banking and finance laws. Equipped with excellent training and sharp acumen, our team is made up of banking lawyers with financial expertise, who are committed to recommending well-researched, flexible, and customised solutions to our clients. From structured finance to banking litigations, our law firm in Vietnam aims to always deliver high-quality counsel with speed and practicality.

How Corporate Counsels’ Banking and Finance Lawyers Can Help With Foreign Loan Registration

Along with the influx of foreign capital into Vietnam, the demand for foreign loans has sharply risen in recent years. The reason behind this growing financial segment is that foreign investors are categorised differently from their domestic peers, and thus are not eligible for most domestic capital. To level the playing field, the Vietnamese legislators have made provisions for businesses and individuals to register for foreign loans.

Understanding that foreigners are generally unfamiliar with the particulars of Vietnamese law, the team at Corporate Counsels is devoted to bridging this gap. Our corporate finance lawyers are resourceful counsels who are able to analyse our client’s needs and pair them with lawful solutions. Aside from proficiency, our clients also recommend us for our excellent communication: we are not only thorough in our presentation but also regular with our contact. Our attentiveness serves to make sure that our clients are well-informed and meeting deadlines, further securing them a successful foreign loan registration.

Guided Loan Agreements with Our Banking and Finance Lawyers

Loan agreements, security agreements, and other binding contracts of the like are essential in securing capital for a business’ operations. In order for these documents to have legal validity, they have to comply with the jurisdiction of the borrower’s choosing. Therefore, domestic and foreign business owners are advised to seek a skilled lawyer to guide them through the drafting process.

Not only can our finance attorneys help ease the stress of bureaucratic compliance by preparing the necessary paperwork as requested, but we also take time to review and deliver efficient counsel tailored to your pressing demands. Having represented different types of businesses and lending institutions, the structured finance lawyers at Corporate Counsels are proficient at reviewing clauses and making sure all options have been considered. Our services include:

  •       Loan agreement
  •       Security agreement
  •       Hire purchase agreement

Conduct Secured Transactions with Corporate Counsels Law Firm

A secured transaction is a loan transaction in which the lender is entitled to a collateralized asset from the borrower in lieu of the loan, in case of default, with expressed consent from both parties. Secured transactions are helpful in that they guarantee a safe exit plan for the lender whilst increasing the borrower’s chance of procuring the funds. For that reason, they have become a standard in corporate finance practices.

However, secured transactions are not without risks, hence the need for an impenetrable security agreement. At Corporate Counsels, our investment banking lawyers are specialised in curating and following through with security interests. Our background as an established Vietnamese finance law firm lends us an edge in identifying various types of collateral and conditions of a secured obligation permitted by the national law. Our clients often place their trust in our familiarity with the legal procedure, attentiveness, and effective communication, which all work in conjunction to maintain the smooth flow of commerce and transactions between businesses and institutions. Get in touch with us to consult with our experienced banking and finance lawyers.