Globalisation is transcending dimensions. In the age where the Internet of Things facilitates communications, transactions, and ultimately transforms the way business is conducted, digital law becomes necessary. To protect sellers, consumers, and investors of the new age, Vietnam’s Laws on Cybersecurity aims to assign rights and obligations to agencies as well as companies and individuals, whilst complying with the state’s cultural tenor.

As a top cybersecurity law firm in Vietnam, Corporate Counsel is fluent in the national legal code, applying our familiarity with the law to help businesses of all sizes identify and protect themselves against cyberspace-bourne risks. Our services include a forensic analysis of our client’s existing defensive infrastructures, followed by customised counsel and a proposed course of action. We do not only rely on our legal background but also consult opinions of crisis management experts, law enforcers, and technology experts to deliver solutions of the highest calibre to our client.

Corporate Counsel’s cybersecurity lawyers can help businesses fortify their information and data privacy programmes before, during, and after a deleterious cyber event. To convey a reassuring presence in stressful times, we operate with calm professionalism and sophisticated demeanour, whilst yielding results with efficiency and flexibility.

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Advice

Whilst businesses should take advantage of the cyberspace, they should stay informed on the risks associated with the boundaryless nature of the digital world and their legal implications. To protect their organisation and the information of affiliated employees, clients, and third-party partners, businesses need to learn about the latest measures of protection, both technological and strategical.

How Corporate Counsel’s Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Lawyers Can Help

With Corporate Counsel, our clients are well-advised on state regulations regarding conducts within the cyberspace and the various social engineering options they have to mitigate damages from a data breach. Our lawyers for cybersecurity have accompanied startups and multinationals as they set up insurance coverage programmes, design secured data collection and storage methods, run response drills against a hack, and more. Our team of diligent attorneys also perform assessments of our client’s existing security policies to ensure they are lawful and effective. For organisations managing post-breach crisis, our services guide them to coordinate with the appropriate authorities and suggest recovery strategies.

Corporate Counsel’s lawyers work closely with the law enforcing authorities in Vietnam to stay fluent on the legal code and anticipate changes in regulatory practices. Our networks involving government agencies and IT specialists are of extraordinary value in preparing businesses against a sea change of technological advancements and legal adaptation in the field of cybersecurity and data privacy. Our firm believes that a proactive stance will help businesses reduce risks, limit liability, and better integrate digital products into their organisation.

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Policies, Handbooks, Manuals

To prepare businesses for the rapidly evolving cyberspace, Corporate Counsel would like to offer our services establishing the prevention standards: our accomplished team of attorneys has contributed to a number of formidable cybersecurity policies, handbooks, manuals, at conglomerates and SMEs alike.

As a trusted law firm for businesses in Vietnam, Corporate Counsel’s cybersecurity team serves as a resources for our clients to strengthen their internal data protection mechanism. Our cybersecurity lawyers leverage on our experience and constantly updated digital proficiency to assist companies to install safeguards against malicious attacks. Employee trainings, confidentiality agreements for employees and third-party vendors, and data protection audits are examples of our contribution to a safer corporate shield in the digital age.

Our cybersecurity law firm has likewise participated in engineering and implementing solutions to cross-border data privacy matters. We have experience reviewing contractual terms and corporate rules and restricting them as to defend international data transfers from breaches and leaks. In addition, our cybersecurity lawyers have arranged necessary procedures (paperwork, investigation, submission, etc.) to help multinationals complete data protection compliance with more than one jurisdiction. Prevention is key: we practice as we preach and will recommend tailored initiatives to support businesses as they employ mechanisms to better manage risks associated with cyberspace and data privacy.

Apart from having a team of experienced cybersecurity lawyers on your side, you may also engage Corporate Counsel for corporate governance lawyersbanking lawyers and Merger and Acquisition (M&A) lawyers when you need the assistance.